Hey everyone-

I do so humbly apologize if it seems a bit like an NPR pledge drive on my page of late, but I promise that a) this record is sincerely worth all the noise, and b) things will mellow out quite a bit after next Tuesday.

Which brings me to my point - our fundraiser closes in just one week now!!!  EEEEEEEEEE!!  This is indeed the homestretch, and if any of you were considering donating and haven't done so yet now's the time!

HUGE (gigantic) thanks to those of you that have donated and helped spread the word.  We've hit 20% of our goal!!  Let's keep the momentum rolling, post more updates as you can - let folks know about the record, about our efforts!

I'm so excited with the momentum this project has shown so far, and I have you all to thank.  You are my angels and I thank you for all your love and light.  I'll likely drop you another 'nudge' later this week, as well as once more early next week just before the finale.

In other news, there's a new promo video coming sometime later today, 2 additional college/indie radio stations adding "SATELLITE" in the coming days, and the animated Satellite music video should debut in the next couple weeks.  So stoked.

Thanks SO much again.

Stay tuned for more updates as they happen...

MUCH love,


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