On the eve of my birthday, as I start the process of writing my next record - it is my honor to (surprise) share this nostalgic collection of material from the last 15 years of my musical life, songs that fell outside the grooves of my full length LPs - outtakes, b-sides, internet only singles, remixes, soundtrack work etc. However, this was curated to be more (I hope) than a hastily compiled catch all. (Revisited) was lovingly sequenced to tell its own story and play as a record would, one that carries its own own reflective through-line.

My heart is ever present and looking forward, but (Revisited) takes a moment to wistfully look back on a few of my little musical friends that got away over the years.

I'd like to dedicate this record to all the musicians, engineers, co-writers, producers, artists & craftsmen that have helped carry my songs through the ether over all these years. My musical & spiritual heart is forever in your debt, and I remain excited for all that is yet to come...

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