Summer In February (A Mix)

Here's a mix I put together this week, was feeling in a summer mood, thought I'd share...very much a pop throwback collection...

  1. Soundtrack of My Summer - Mike Viola
  2. Can't Let Go of Her Now - Justin Currie
  3. Down by the Water - The Decemberists
  4. King Midas in Reverse - The Hollies
  5. Dear Laughing Doubters - Sondre Lerche
  6. The Fool on the Hill (Love Remix) - The Beatles
  7. Licenses To Hide - The Posies
  8. Hallelujah, Goodnight - Richard Swift
  9. Permissive Twit - Gilbert O'Sullivan
  10. Sea of Smiling Faces - The Bee Gees
  11. Magic For Everybody - Sam Phillips
  12. Good Company - Queen
  13. This is Where It Gets Good - The Eels
  14. It's Now Winter's Day - Tommy Roe

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