"SATELLITE" on the Radio!! + LP Teasers and More

Hi everyone!

We're now on week three of our fundraiser for my 4th record - "13 Satellites", and we've hit 17% of our projected goal!!!  This is truly amazing stuff, and my heart swells with gratitude to all of you that have donated and helped spread the word so far - THANK YOU all so much!!

We're only 2 weeks away from the close of our campaign, so if you haven't donated please consider doing so soon - every little bit helps!  We're building some GREAT momentum so far and we wanna keep this energy rolling forward.

A little more on our activity thus far....

  • RADIO AND MEDIA: Our first single, "SATELLITE", has gotten some radio play on WKWV in Eugene Oregon (University of Oregon radio), and will debut on Radio Fairfax TODAY (Wednesday Aug 17, 2011) between 10AM and Noon EST (listen live HERE) and on WXPN in Philadelphia next week.  In addition, the blogs are starting to light up with "13 Satellites" news (with hits on Too Poppy, Music Artiste, PowerPopSquare and the inventively titled Smokin' Charlie Brown). 

  • PREVIEWS: We also just launched "13 Satellites" teaser #3 on my YouTube channel (I've embedded all three teasers thus far below).  Every Monday until the album debuts on October 25, 2011 we will post a new fun little teaser covering every song on the record over 13 weeks.  Stay tuned to FaceBook or Twitter to keep in on that action.

  • MUSIC VIDEO, ART & TOUR: Director and animator extraordinaire Matt Barrios is currently putting the finishing touches on the Monty-Pythonesque SATELLITE animated music video (Matt shot me against a green screen last weekend - fun!).  The ever inspiring Michelle Schott is digging into the art design for the record, and we're now working on confirming shows in Austin, Phoenix and possibly Nashville w/ a release party here in LA in late October.

And this is only after 2 weeks in - only the beginning friends...

Thank you so much for being a part of my present, past and future.  We've never done anything like this on any front, and are truly inspired by the energy we've seen in this project so far.  You are all angels.

Please do consider donating and being part of the "13 Satellites" fundraiser over at IndieGoGo, and anything you can do to help spread the word about our efforts is GREATLY appreciated.

All my love,

TEASER TRAILER #1 "Satellite":


TEASER TRAILER #3 "Full Circle Round":

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