Good morning, friends...

It is with great pride and a lump in my throat that I present to you ROOM 8 - one of (if not THE) most unanticipated and unadorned collections of my career. I went to the desert over the weekend searching for a little perspective and grounding, and returned with so much more...

Recorded & mixed live in Room 8 of the Joshua Tree Inn at dusk on December 2, 2017, this is my most intimate & vulnerable set to date. A gentle run of 8 solo acoustic lullabies about faith, presence & spirit - offered with an honest humility from my heart to yours. Lately, in reaction to much of our social climate I have been increasingly restless for the (too often obscured) place of optimism from which these songs were written. During a mystical weekend getaway to Joshua Tree I was warmly drawn back into their care within my own thread of searching and healing; I hope, in turn, they bring you a little peace as well in these fractured times. 

For the most part, this was recorded in sequence as you hear it, one song leading me to another and then another - songs I needed to feel in my throat and in my chest. This is very much a moment in time, thanks for spending a little of yours with me. The cover photograph was also captured on site. 

All proceeds from the sale of this project will be dedicated and donated to City of Hope, the cancer research facility and hospital that treated me exactly a decade ago this month, and continues to provide hope and healing to countless patients worldwide. If you would like me to make your donation in memory or honor of anyone in particular, please drop me a private note and I will make it so. 

Much love and many continued blessings to you is beautiful. 


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