Nine-Nine-Oh-Nine (looking back)

One year ago today I picked up the Beatles box set w/ Tyler, sat him down and talked about how music is slipping deeper into the world as an intangible commodity.  How when I was a kid I used to love to peel the plastic off and look through the artwork, read the liner notes and lyrics, experience the music with art in my ears and in my hands.  As we chatted, I decided that I wanted to re-discover the Beatles catalog with my son in a meaningful and symbolic way.


Starting the next day Tyler would open up a new CD (chronologically through their catalog, of course) and look through the CD jackets and booklets in the morning as I drove him to school.  We'd listen for a few days and then move onto the next record, repeating the whole process.  It was a magical sight for me to look into the rear view mirror and see him sitting there with his school bag at his feet, thumbing through the booklets, taking in the evolution of their look and sound as we rolled through their records over the next few weeks. 


When we finally got to Let It Be, Tyler was still enamored with their story and still wanted more.  I told him about the Anthology film (near 10 hours long), and undeterred by its length and to my (and Michelle's) great surprise, he sat through the whole thing with me over the course of a weekend, asking questions, playing air guitar, singing along at the top of his lungs... 


Now, one year later, he just recently asked for a Beatles T-Shirt from Target for his birthday and wanted to record his own version of "HELP" in our new studio space.  I could only oblidge - we're gonna track this weekend. :)

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