New Song / Episode of Defying Gravity + IPO Los Angeles

My dearest friends,

Just a couple quick things to hip you to today...

1)  Today - July 31st - a very special episode of our ongoing web series on songwriting went live over at www.defyinggravitymusic.  

Episode IV: Many Miles From Aberdeen is a tribute to my parents - both retired Air Force vets (and especially my father who turns 60 years young today!!),  and also a tribute to the many fellow service families I've had the pleasure of spending time with over the years.  

I'm joined by special guests (and fellow miliatary brats) Sheena Metal (commedianne & radio host) & Leigh Hall (actress/writer).  Together, we discuss our nomadic childhoods and how it affected our creative and personal lives.

As part of this story, I'm also proud to present a demo of an new / unreleased song called "KEEP THE SUN OUT OF YOUR EYES" as well as an essay on its deeply emotional creation, which directly inspired this month's theme.

This is one of the most rewarding and personal chapters we've put together yet, and I'm so pleased to present it to you today :) 

2)  Lastly, for those of you in LA I'll be playing the International Pop Overthrow Festival on Wednesday, Aug 1st at Molly Mallone's.  Details are as follows:

International Pop Overthrow Festival - Los Angeles
Molly Mallone's
Wednesday, August 1, 7:30PM
575 South Fairfax ave Los Angeles CA 90036

Would love to see you there and catch up!!

Thanks so much again for all your love and support.  More to come, as always, but until then - stay true an much love to you and yours...

And Happy Birthday, Daddy. :) 


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