We are PROUD to present the official music video for my new song, "VERDUGO PARK" - the next single from my upcoming fifth LP (currently titled "Crayons & Angels").  The music video was directed by Todd Stanton and shot by my long time collaborator and friend Matt Barrios (Matt being responsible for the SATELLITE and EARLY MORNING NIGHT clips from my last record).  The song will be available on October 7th, 2014 as part of the VERDUGO PARK EP - now available for pre-order over at

In addition to the single, the EP features two exclusive non-album tracks, both stemming from sessions for the new record.  The first of which is an instrumental called "Lapiz Lazuli".  The second, is a humble read of an old Richard & Robert Sherman song called "Castaway".  Also available for pre-order is a very limited edition CD run of the EP, featuring brand new artwork from phoenix based artist Alexander Scott Hughes.  This EP is a small appetizer for what's to come when the new album drops sometime in early 2015.

Watch the video for VERDUGO PARK above - pre-order the EP TODAY by following THIS LINK.

More to come, but for now - thanks again for your support!!

All my love,


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