Hey everyone!

I'm so pleased to announce that episode I of the long in development web series DEFYING GRAVITY MUSIC is now LIVE over at In this episode, we trip back to the beginning, the dissonant opening chords of a life's work. Also - we also discuss school reports on George Washington. Sort of. 

Each episode of the series contains a podcast, a video interview, a written essay and a free song download / stream.  In this series the song is king - how music relates to our life's journey, inspires and contextualizes.  Each episode takes on a different theme, and through this various media we explore the theme through the lens of our creative lives...

Check it out, and special thanks to Michelle Schott and everyone at our partner site Spinbridge for bringing this series to life!!

Episode II, starring frequent Golden State Music collaborator Steve Barton goes live on May 31st.  Until then, please drop us a note and let us know what you think of the site and what YOU'D like to see on the site!

There's also a spot that Steven Wilson (of Plasticsoul) and I shot for this year's Record Store Day Festivities up on the site as well - check it out here.

Also, the brilliant photographer and filmmaker David Gaz (director of the GOOD VIRUS documentary I scored last year) is currently editing the music video for THIS IS HOME, from my last record "13 Satellites".  Shot over 2 months in various homes across southern California, the clip should be landing right here very soon!

Much love to you all!  I hope to see you all soon!

All the best,



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