"CRAYONS & ANGELS" Vinyl Update / Press Roundup

We are PLEASED to announce that the limited edition vinyl has been APPROVED and in queue for production, likely delivery Feb 2016.  The double LP set will be limited to 250 units worldwide, and mastered at 45RPM for the BEST quality playback on your turntable.  In addition, the vinyl edition of the record includes a bonus NON-CD/DIGITAL track - "Magic For Everybody", written by the amazing (and always inspiring) Sam Phillips.

Pre-order your copy TODAY at http://goldenstatemusic.bandcamp.com

Here are some of the kind things some friends & the pop press are saying about the record...

"Merry Go Round Partridge Family The Idle Race! Fans of that ilk will slurp this up like blue raspberry slushie,staining their tongues dizzy with sun - counting their grey hairs  and cursing their calendar.  Incredibly referential fearlessly reverential..."
-Mike Viola (Singer/Songwriter/Producer)


-Nick Heyward

"CRAYONS & ANGELS is is something of a soft-pop tour de force, brimming with shimmering melodies, winsome innocence, and some beautiful vocal arrangements...a strong contender for album of the year honors."
-John Borack, Goldmine Magazine

"For anyone looking for that highly melodic, youthful (but not juvenile) sound, Crayons & Angels marks a new high water mark for Schott and is recommended. As a musical illusionist, he can make openhearted listeners still believe in magic, at least for a little while."
-DW Duphry, Popdose

"(Crayons & Angels) is by far Brandon’s best, most fully-realized record, a triumphant stroll through the creative pastures that subsist in the fields of the heart. Working with a broad textural palette and with his eyes and ears wide open to varied influence, he creates a three-dimensional song cycle that dazzles."
-Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

"Well-crafted, baroque-flavored pop...Ambitious, but not at the expense of accessibility."
-Bill Kopp, MusoScribe

"Another collection of pop gems, featuring a sound that's a blend of Joe Pernice, Elliott Smith and Jon Brion..."

-Absolute PowerPop

If you could use a little sunshine in your life, Brandon Schott’s “Crayons & Angels” is just what the doctor ordered. Filled with enough heavenly vocal layers and toy piano to make Brian Wilson blush, it’s a master class in songwriting and thoughtful, full-album construction."
-Dan Pavelich, Kenosha News

"Schott has created a masterpiece here, something that reminds you of an earlier time but gives you hope for the future. Given Schott’s life over the past 15 years, he has plenty of ups and downs that give him motivation to move on, remember the good times, and carry the bad times as experience. That’s what life is about, and Crayons & Angels could be the soundtrack to that life."

-Peter Lee, Hooks & Harmony

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