Good morning, friends...

It is with great pride and a lump in my throat that I present to you ROOM 8 - one of (if not THE) most unanticipated and unadorned collections of my career. I went to the desert over the weekend searching for a little perspective and grounding, and returned with so much more...

Recorded & mixed live in Room 8 of the Joshua Tree Inn at dusk on December 2, 2017, this is my most intimate & vulnerable set to date. A gentle run of 8 solo acoustic lullabies about faith, presence & spirit - offered with an honest humility from my heart to yours. Lately, in reaction to much of our social climate I have been increasingly restless for the (too often obscured) place of optimism from which these songs were written. During a mystical weekend getaway to Joshua Tree I was warmly drawn back into their care within my own thread of searching and healing; I hope, in turn, they bring you a little peace as well in these fractured times. 



On the eve of my birthday, as I start the process of writing my next record - it is my honor to (surprise) share this nostalgic collection of material from the last 15 years of my musical life, songs that fell outside the grooves of my full length LPs - outtakes, b-sides, internet only singles, remixes, soundtrack work etc. However, this was curated to be more (I hope) than a hastily compiled catch all. (Revisited) was lovingly sequenced to tell its own story and play as a record would, one that carries its own own reflective through-line.

My heart is ever present and looking forward, but (Revisited) takes a moment to wistfully look back on a few of my little musical friends that got away over the years.

I'd like to dedicate this record to all the musicians, engineers, co-writers, producers, artists & craftsmen that have helped carry my songs through the ether over all these years. My musical & spiritual heart is forever in your debt, and I remain excited for all that is yet to come...

"CRAYONS & ANGELS" Vinyl Update / Press Roundup

We are PLEASED to announce that the limited edition vinyl has been APPROVED and in queue for production, likely delivery Feb 2016.  The double LP set will be limited to 250 units worldwide, and mastered at 45RPM for the BEST quality playback on your turntable.  In addition, the vinyl edition of the record includes a bonus NON-CD/DIGITAL track - "Magic For Everybody", written by the amazing (and always inspiring) Sam Phillips.

Pre-order your copy TODAY at

Here are some of the kind things some friends & the pop press are saying about the record...

"Merry Go Round Partridge Family The Idle Race! Fans of that ilk will slurp this up like blue raspberry slushie,staining their tongues dizzy with sun - counting their grey hairs  and cursing their calendar.  Incredibly referential fearlessly reverential..."
-Mike Viola (Singer/Songwriter/Producer)


-Nick Heyward

"CRAYONS & ANGELS is is something of a soft-pop tour de force, brimming with shimmering melodies, winsome innocence, and some beautiful vocal arrangements...a strong contender for album of the year honors."
-John Borack, Goldmine Magazine

"For anyone looking for that highly melodic, youthful (but not juvenile) sound, Crayons & Angels marks a new high water mark for Schott and is recommended. As a musical illusionist, he can make openhearted listeners still believe in magic, at least for a little while."
-DW Duphry, Popdose

"(Crayons & Angels) is by far Brandon’s best, most fully-realized record, a triumphant stroll through the creative pastures that subsist in the fields of the heart. Working with a broad textural palette and with his eyes and ears wide open to varied influence, he creates a three-dimensional song cycle that dazzles."
-Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

"Well-crafted, baroque-flavored pop...Ambitious, but not at the expense of accessibility."
-Bill Kopp, MusoScribe

"Another collection of pop gems, featuring a sound that's a blend of Joe Pernice, Elliott Smith and Jon Brion..."

-Absolute PowerPop

If you could use a little sunshine in your life, Brandon Schott’s “Crayons & Angels” is just what the doctor ordered. Filled with enough heavenly vocal layers and toy piano to make Brian Wilson blush, it’s a master class in songwriting and thoughtful, full-album construction."
-Dan Pavelich, Kenosha News

"Schott has created a masterpiece here, something that reminds you of an earlier time but gives you hope for the future. Given Schott’s life over the past 15 years, he has plenty of ups and downs that give him motivation to move on, remember the good times, and carry the bad times as experience. That’s what life is about, and Crayons & Angels could be the soundtrack to that life."

-Peter Lee, Hooks & Harmony


Hello friends.

Today we welcome the amazing James Jacoby, tuba player extraordinaire (and current member of the Brandon Schott live ensemble) to discuss his work on Crayons & Angels, his origin story with the world's 2nd sexiest instrument (second only to the kazoo), and his deep rooted love of the French Dip sandwich.

James, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us.  Tell, me - what is it that drew you to playing the tuba?

I never chose the tuba. The tuba chose me. I was there, in my 6th grade band director's office, suddenly faced with a question that would loom imposingly over my dreams for years to come: "What instrument do you want to play?" And there it was, gleaming in the incandescent glow of mind-numbing overhead school lights ... a shiny, brass trumpet. I ignored it completely and chose the tuba right behind it, and the rest is history.

I like to think of it as fate.

What was your favorite memory from recording tuba on VERDUGO PARK for "Crayons & Angels", and how was it working with Brandon on the record?

As a producer, Brandon creates a comforting atmosphere of creativity and whimsy, having a clear direction but also encouraging new ideas. It truly felt collaborative.

There have been rumors for years that Brandon has a very should we put this delicately......flatulence problem whenever he gets excited during creative marathons.  Was this an issue recording at Cellar Sounds, or was he on the proper meds during your collaboration?

Is this on or off the record?

No no, I promise not to publish this question...I'm just curious, because - man.....some of the stories I've heard........

Are you sure ... ?

No no - we absolutely won't post this on his website as part of a featured article.

Well, if you say so ...

The truth is that Brandon, as a musicologist and art scientician, has spent many years in a spiritual quest to find the elusive brown note. Its final discovery was the breakthrough that seeded the ideas for this record. It was through brown note experimentation that he tapped into the greater truth of the universe, which he then filtered into the songs you hear on Crayons & Angels. The process was messy, but the result is stunning.

Well, that's intense stuff.  Now that we have you on the record on that point, let's move on.  What are some of your favorite tuba songs?  Is there one in particular that inspired you to greatness?

Certainly, I was influenced by the great tubaists like Sousa collaborator Bill Bell, Jazz great Red Callender, Hollywood legend Jim Self, the Canadian's Brass's Chuck Daellenbach, and my mentor Bill Clark of the Queen City Jazz Band. Classic songs like "When Yuba Play The Tuba Down In Cuba" and Jabba the Hut's theme from Return of the Jedi were inspirational.

I heard you just recorded a new song with Brandon for the vinyl edition of Crayons & Angels, what was that like?

Well, it was not so much a song as it was a series of musical phrases that contained sung lyrics. I played some notes on my horn that corresponded decently well with the composition's key signature and overall rhythmical structure. The beauty of it will make you cry, and not just because of the brown note at the end.

Nice!  Lastly, what are you listening to these days and how can people learn more about your work?

As a contemporary tubaist who prefers playing on modern music, I maintain a healthy diet of popular music. In recent years I have performed with such artists as Amanda Palmer, The Waterboys, and Melissa Axel. Still, I have a soft spot for the traditional Jazz greats of the '20s and '30s. You can learn more about me at Thanks!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies, we forgot to ask about the French Dip sandwich.  Our bad.

Purchase your copy of CRAYONS & ANGELS today, now available in our online store!



Thanks to the generocity of MY FAMILY, FRIENDS & FANS - our KICKSTARTER FUNDED THIS MORNING!!!  THANK YOU to you all, to say I'm overwhelmed and emotional is far beyond the reality of it. Now, I gotta get cracking on getting our record mastered for VINYL! :)

For those of you that missed out and would like to pre-order your copy, you can now officially do so over at my Bandcamp page (and receive 4 songs from the record immediately).  See the embed below...

LOVE to you all!!!

All the best,



We're in our LAST 24 hour stretch of our Kickstarter, home of EXCLUSIVE Crayons & Angels special offers and discounts.  Don't miss out, visit the following link TODAY (literally)!

We're also pleased to present the BRAND NEW official Lyric Video for DANDELION RAIN from "Crayons & Angels"!!  Check it out above, and THANK YOU all so much for your kind support of this project!


TONIGHT AND TOMORROW NIGHT (July 30/31), I'll be curating a mini "Crayons & Angels" release festival of sorts in LA the week before my record drops with two very distinct shows...

On Thursday, July 30th at 8PM - I'll have my FIRST full band show of 2015 at this year's International Pop Overthrow Los Angeles, curated by the greatDavid Bash. We'll be loud, we'll be eclectic and even a bit power pop distorted from time to time - this is aside of my music I don't get to explore live often so I'm SUPER stoked to let the rock out a bit. Plus, I'll be sharing the stage with Linus Dotson and Chris Price so it's BOUND to be a great evening.

The following night (July 31st - 8PM), I'll be joined in an intimate acoustic (and ALL AGES) show at MUSE on 8th by one of my dearest friends, the incredible Susan Cattaneo - who was a vital voice in my early songwriting years at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. I haven't seen Susan in far too long, and I can't think of a better way to reconnect - in song. This promises to be an amazingly intimate, personal trip for us both.

These two appearances bookend my life in music in many ways - one heralding the varying textures of my new record, the other returning me to my songwriting roots in Boston. CRAYONS & ANGELS will be available for purchase on CD for the FIRST TIME EVER at both these appearances.

I really can't wait for you to hear all this new music, my friends, and look forward to sharing these songs with you soon. Pre-order the album at the Kickstarter link below and thank you for all your support!!



Hello again friends...

First and foremost, I'm SO proud to present to you the next single from my new record, CRAYONS & ANGELS. Friends, here is "EVERY LITTLE SONG", which was written with my good friend Tom Bishel and features the angelic vocals of the amazing Kelly Jones. The track also features pedal steel from The Running Jumps' own Joel Martin, and drums from my old friend Sarah Scarlata.


My dearest friends...

Once again, I must apologize for the delay in my writing.  How is it JULY already??!?!

First and foremost, all is well - health is good, the kids are growing and making me smile daily, and life continues to be a robust gift - and one for which I have my friends and family to thank.  You guys always make it better :)

Today, I'm writing with some incredibly exciting news.  After all the talk, sweat, building, studio upgrades and tinkering - my new album, "Crayons & Angels" is coming THIS SUMMER!!!!!  We've partnered up with my good friends at Curry Cuts (the folks responsible for the DRINK A TOAST TO INNOCENCE compilation I contributed an Andrew Gold song to a couple years back), and are STOKED to be rolling out the record on August 4th - just in time for these songs to wash over your last days of summer.

With great humility and gratitude, though, I would like to ask for your help...

The CDs have been ordered, studio time and COPIUS amounts of coffee paid for, musicains compensated (and fed), license fees paid, but to help push this record just a little fartherwe've launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get the record out to you - PLUS, and most excitingly, to PRESS THE RECORD ON DOUBLE VINYL!!  My FIRST ever full on vinyl release!!!  This is without question my most ambitious collection to date, an 18 track record of songs that span the stylistic scope of my whole catalog.  If any record was going to go forth into that wax night, this is the one I've been waiting for.

Please cruise on over, check out the kickstarter video (which contains some history on the project, as well as a few previews from the record) - contribute what you can and if nothing else SHARE SHARE SHARE.  Every little bit helps!

The first review of the record also just went live HERE over at Popdose.  You can read the full review here!!

Thank you all again for your love, light and support.  I'm SOOOOO excited for you all to hear this record, and from the bottom off my heart - thank you all for your love, light and support.

All my love,


Crayons & Angels is now up for preview and pre-order on Kickstarter!!! Check out the page for a few more sneak peeks from the record, a little history, and exclusive incentives, and merchandise!! Please donate what you can, sign up for more updates and DEFINITELY more to come right here!!! SOOOOO excited to see this record taking shape. Can't wait for you all to hear!




Curry Cuts is thrilled to announce that our next release will be Brandon Schott's Crayons & Angels. We've been fans of Brandon's for years now, and we were delighted to work with him on the very first Curry Cuts project, Drink A Toast To Innocence: A Tribute To Lite Rock. But Crayons & Angels is something altogether new for Curry Cuts, as it marks our first record devoted to a single artist and original material. We couldn't be more excited that Brandon is the musician filling that role. 

"BEYOND BELIEF": A Tribute To Elvis Costello (OUT NOW!!!)

Releasing this week is the long awaited Beyond Belief: A Tribute to Elvis Costello compilation, featuring my read of "RIOT ACT" - which is ALSO track 3 on Side "B" of the upcoming Crayons & Angels LP!! Check out the below stream of the song and buy your copy of BEYOND BELIEF today. The best part is that all proceeds from the sale of this compilation go to support the efforts of The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation!! at the above linked Facebook page, or over at SpyderPop Records -

RIOT ACT was produced by Jason Wormer & myself, and features Jason on bass, guitars & various programming, Vanessa Wormer on background vocals, Sarah Scarlata on drums, and myself on miscellaneous other things.

Am also SUPER proud to have produced & arranged a track for the amazing Nick Heyward on this collection, his beautiful read on "ALMOST BLUE".

Special thanks to Olivia Frain & John Borack for inviting me to be a part of this project!!

P.S. Turn this one UP LOUD!!!!!!!



We are PROUD to present the official music video for my new song, "VERDUGO PARK" - the next single from my upcoming fifth LP (currently titled "Crayons & Angels").  The music video was directed by Todd Stanton and shot by my long time collaborator and friend Matt Barrios (Matt being responsible for the SATELLITE and EARLY MORNING NIGHT clips from my last record).  The song will be available on October 7th, 2014 as part of the VERDUGO PARK EP - now available for pre-order over at

New Single, VERDUGO PARK - World Premiere This Week!

Songs from the upcoming VERDUGO PARK EP had their WORLD PREMIERE along with a nice chat with yours truly on Michael McCartney's show THE TIME MACHINE on KONI FM yesterday, w/ future airings today on KORL and KRKH & Friday on KJMQ, KPMW Sat (streaming live). Michael and I play songs and discuss the new EP as well as the upcoming record - and each reveal our respective boyhood crushes. Stay tuned for more details on the EP and the BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO, coming early next week...



It is with great pride that I present the cover art for my upcoming single, the first wave of a multi-layered collaboration with Phoenix based artist Alexander Scott Hughes for my upcoming record. And here's the story...




"HENRY" Music Video + "The A/B EP" Pre-Order!!!

The day has come, the "HENRY" music video has arrived! I'm very pleased to present the first single from my upcoming release with the great Andy Reed (ofAn American Underdog). "The A/B EP" will drop on Pop Factory Records Tuesday, December 3rd digitally on 7" vinyl and will be available for a limited time digitally - 4 songs, and can be pre-ordered in both formats HERE...



Brandon Schott & An American Underdog team up for an EP, coming Fall 2013...

SUMMER SATELLITES: Brandon Schott & Friends at Jones Coffee

Nick Heyward Collaboration + Upcoming Residency!

Some VERY exciting news about a exciting new collaboration, as well as a new musical residency / home-away-from-home for my Los Angeles friends....

Five Years Later...(THANK YOU!!!)

My dearest friends, family and musical co-conspirators...

On Monday February 26th 2008 - 5 years ago today - I was told by my oncologist that I was officially in remission from cancer, that the scan I'd taken the previous Friday was free and clear of any and all markers.

Needless to say this is a very special day for me and my family, and together we celebrate with two new projects - both releasing today - that are very close to our hearts...

The 9 Songwriter Series + New DGM Interviews

Just a quick note today to encourage all my LA based friends to join me and 8 other songwriters for the Thanksgiving feast of songwriters rounds, The 9 Songwriter Series @ WitZend in Venice, CA on Tuesday October 16th at 7PM.  Details are as noted below - hope you can join us!  I promise, with this lineup under one roof, you'll not see another show quite like it!

You can also read my interview with Justin Trawick (founder of The 9 Series) over at Defying Gravity Music now.  In more Defying Gravity Music news, also check out my recent interviews with Steven Wilson and Rob Shapiro, each of which yielded a new Brandon Schott / Cellar Sounds production (and in the case of Rob's episode, a brand new co-write)!  Check it all out HERE.  Next month, we welcome the always awesome Manda Mosher to the show - coming to the site October 31, 2012...


NEW SONG: "The Human Cost" / Defying Gravity Music

New Song / Episode of Defying Gravity + IPO Los Angeles


Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to present to you the 3rd music video from my latest LP, "13 SATELLITES".

Defying Gravity Episode II + "THIS IS HOME" Video Update

Defying Gravity Music - Episode II, now LIVE...THIS IS HOME music video update...upcoming shows...
(view post for more info) 


COMING SOON: Defying Gravity Music

Am super excited to present the long in progress website for my new online web series, Defying Gravity Music.  The series is designed to be a forum for myself and various guest artists / contributors to discuss our music / songwriting nerdery and geekdom in a safe - supportive environment :)


The great Matt Barrios (the man responsible for last year's SATELLITE" video) has returned to the "13 Satellites" story with another insane clip for the song "EARLY MORNING NIGHT" - check it out below!

Also - a very exciting announcement coming in the next couple weeks regarding an online musical and collaborative residency called "DEFYING GRAVITY".  New music, writings, conversations, and creative energy comin' your way soon...

Much love!!

Until our paths cross again...



YELLOW BIRD: An Evening of Music to Benefit

Brandon Schott and MT Press will host an evening of music to benefit Stupid Cancer, Inc (A Young Adult Cancer Foundation) on December 1, 2011.  Molly Malone's is graciously hosting the Yellow Bird Benefit where an all star line up of musicians will perform in the efforts to raise money for the cause.  All proceeds will go to the Stupid Cancer, Inc, whose representatives will be on-site.  Those in attendance can also donate to fundraising efforts by bidding on various prizes in the silent auction and raffle drawing.

"SATELLITE" Animated Music Video

"13 Satellites" Available NOW + CD Release Party

Oh happy day!  You can procure your very own copy of "13 Satellites" from the following fabulous merchants (to name a mere few)...

"13 Satellites" Exclusive Package!!

Order "13 Satellites" here today, and you'll get:

  • the new CD "13 Satellites" (signed, if desired)
  • a copy of 2007's "Golden State" on CD
  • one black rimmed, yellow branded kazoo

ONLY $9.99!!!

Order now! :)  They make great holiday gifts! :)

"13 Satellites" Commercial / Press Round-Up

If you dig those old K-Tel / Time-Life commercials, this is gonna be right up your alley. I'm proud to share with you my first over bonafide commercial!!! :) Check it out below, and do share the link around. Two weeks from today, "13 Satellites" arrives!

Now, a few items of early press on the new album:




"Imagine going to a music cafe´ where Ben Folds is the host, with The Beach Boys on stage performing songs by Art Garfunkel and The Beatles and guest appearances from Crosby, Stills and Nash. Well, that´s exactly how Los Angeles singer/songwriter Brandon Schott´s 4th album "13 satellites" sounds like."


Los Angeles, CA October 11, 2011

Brandon Schott will embrace the stage of the Hotel Cafe on Sunday, October 30th at 10p.m, performing songs from his 4th album “13 Satellites”.

2 years after his contemplative opus DANDELION, Schott returns to the stage with steadfast optimism, energy, and riveting compositions. Though unorthodox in style and structure, his songs whisper emotions all too familiar as “13 Satellites” takes listeners on a cathartic journey of revival and reconciliation. The first single “Satellite” features a myriad of instrumental ornaments backing a solid voice, distinctive yet not altogether unknown. Onwards, songs like “Flowers Fading” and “Exploding Angel” testify to the accolades of the formally trained yet intuitively creative music veteran. Reminiscent of creative titans Kirsty MacColl, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys, the sound of Brandon Schott is lush, uplifting, and sure to inspire and invigorate audiences.

Catch Brandon's hypnotizing live performance Sunday October 30, at Hotel Cafe in LA at 10:00 PM.

Hotel Cafe is located at 1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

More on Brandon Schott:

For Media Inquiries Contact:

Sera Roadnight
M T Press
Cell 917-865-1731

"13 SATELLITES" News / Release Party / Tour!!


Overwhelmed and grateful - thanks to your help, we funded 53% of our project through Indiegogo!! This will cover all our PR expenses, CD duplication and some of our travel expenses this fall. Thank you all SO much for your donations and for spreading the word. Will definitely be keeping you all in the loop as the record develops. MUCH MUCH love to you all!

Final 12 Hours of "13 Satellites" Fundraiser!!

Just a quick brief note to let you know that our IndieGoGo Fundraiser closes in just 12 hours!!  I want to thank everyone again for their amazing support as well as for spreading the word so gloriously this past month.  We're just under 40% of our target, so please do whatever you can to help push those numbers into orbit! :)   It's GoGo time! :)  Click HERE for details!


I do so humbly apologize if it seems a bit like an NPR pledge drive on my page of late, but I promise that a) this record is sincerely worth all the noise, and b) things will mellow out quite a bit after next Tuesday.

"SATELLITE" on the Radio!! + LP Teasers and More

We're now on week three of our fundraiser for "13 Satellites", and we've hit 17% of our projected goal!!!  This is truly amazing stuff, and my heart swells with gratitude to all of you that have donated and helped spread the word so far - THANK YOU all so much!!

"13 SATELLITES" - Fundraiser

"13 SATELLITES" - The New Album!

Today, we begin the process of unveiling our most adventurous album launch yet for the upcoming release of my 4th record, "13 Satellites" - coming October 25, 2011.


Exciting news coming to the interwebs in the coming weeks regarding Billy Hawn & I's upcoming record, "13 Songs" - in the mean time, I made a mix CD for the long weekend.  Thought I'd share. :)


Independent Music Award Q&A is Now Live!

Vote Now For WINTER IN THE SUN'S IMA Nomination!!

Vote for "WINTER IN THE SUN", nominated for a 2010 Independent Music Award!!

Twitter Promotion

Every remaining Friday in March (starting 3/14), I will be gifting 5 songs a week from my catalog to my Twitter family - join the fun at the link below for FREE music!

Welcome to the New Site!

Lots of new content and nooks and crannies to explore here, with alot more new content to come.  This site is now a true portal to my online presence, with direct tie ins to content posted on Facebook,TwitterYouTube etc.  This news section is now a bonafide blog (w/ comments section), which I hope...

"Nights at the Sound Table" Radio Appearance

I was a guest last night on Kevin Poore and Mike Stark's NIGHTS AT THE SOUND TABLE radio program, "people who love music talking about the thing they love".

Summer In February (A Mix)

Here's a mix I put together this week, was feeling in a summer mood, thought I'd share...very much a pop throwback collection...

Nine-Nine-Oh-Nine (looking back)

One year ago today I picked up the Beatles box set w/ Tyler, sat him down and talked about how music is slipping deeper into the world as an intangible commodity.  How when I was a kid I used to love to peel the plastic off and look through the artwork, read the liner notes and lyrics, experience the music with art in my ears and in my hands.  As we chatted, I decided that I wanted to re-discover the Beatles catalog with my son in a meaningful and symbolic way.

15 Albums That Stick With Me

The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen albums you've heard that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what albums my friends choose.

Wrote A New Song Last Night

Wrote a new tune last night, very old timey - like an old folk tune...Gillian Welch's "EVERYTHING IS FREE NOW" is a better song (and model for the sentiment), but this is my honest stab at / demo to come...

A Few Notes on God Only Knows

I'm very excited to announce that my new summer single (a eastern flavored version of The Beach Boys' "GOD ONLY KNOWS" backed with a moody take on The Beatles' "STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER") is now available exclusively on iTunes!

Brandon's Power Pop Mix (From His Formative Years)

In the spirit of 'retro', here's a mix I made of pop classics released during my formative years growing up...and yes, I'm dating myself :)

A Neil Finn Mix

Friend of mine had never heard of Neil Finn before, so I made her an 'introductory' mix. She asked for concise, which was much harder than I thought as he's got SO much great material, but here goes. 

Update From The Golden State


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